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Our programs offer a range of alternatives to complete your traffic school requirement. All programs are fun and highly effective. Login to our online traffic school program and proceed at your leisure from the comfort of your chair.

One price covers everything. Our traffic school course, your traffic school completion and any processing or shipping fees are all included.


We offer an online traffic school course and a workbook traffic school course. If you have a traffic ticket you are at the right place.

Our most popular traffic school course is the online traffic school program. Start now, protect your insurance rates with out traffic school course. Quick, easy and fun!


We have been in business since 1984 and we have helped thousands of conscientious drivers keep and maintain clean driving records with our traffic schools and Certified Defensive Driving courses.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our FunTrafficSchool.Com traffic school course. Eliminate the hassle and anxieties of your traffic ticket experience.

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  • 25+ years Experience
  • Program Access 24/7
  • Quick Completion Processing
  • Work at your own pace
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  • No Hidden Fees

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