Internet / Online Traffic School

Our most popular program is our Internet Program. Our students tell us that this is the most fun and convenient way to complete traffic school. You register. You select your user name and password. You do the program anytime from anyplace you want. Our website is ergonomically designed to work with your desktop, laptop, tablet or your smart phone.

Workbook / At Home Traffic Shool

Our second most popular program is our award winning workbook program. This program, in English or Spanish, appeals to students who do not want to sit in front of a computer and who enjoy the tactile pleasures of the written word on paper. You can order the workbook from our website and have it mailed to you or you can stop by our office and picked it up.

Classroom Traffic School

Our third most popular program is our classroom program. Our classroom program is our original program. At one time if you needed to attend traffic school you had to go to a classroom. In today's digital age more and more people prefer our on-line Internet program. If you are looking for a classroom experience call our office to see if we will be holding a class in the near future.